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Innovative Applications of Recycling Technologies

Ramps & Wedges

Using recycled rubber products, Tyrex manufactures a range of customisable solutions to meet wheelchair and anti-trip access requirements.

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Ramps and wedges

Tyrex rubber products can be manufactured into stay-put, anti-slip ramps suitable for indoor or outdoor use.  Tyrex products provide anti-trip and wheelchair access to steps and thresholds. On uneven surfaces Tyrex rubber ramps will flex and grip to provide exceptional stability.

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Shower water retention ramps

Tyrex recycled rubber is ideal to replace shower recess hobs, providing easy access for wheelchairs and persons inconvenienced by step-over structures.

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Power cord protection ramp

Tyrex recycled rubber products include customisable, robust, anti-trip ramps suitable for interior or exterior use.  The ramps protect cables from dislodgement or damage by wheeled and walking traffic, minimising trip hazards.

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